We select high quality beekeeping supplies for the hobbyist and sideline beekeeper.
Bee Sex EssentialsBee Sex Essentials$25.00 Give Bees a Chance BumperstickerGive Bees a Chance Bumpersticker$2.00 Queen Excluder - Wood Bound MetalQueen Excluder - Wood Bound Metal$19.99 Triangle Escape BoardTriangle Escape Board$16.99
Deluxe Double Wide Nucleus ColonyDeluxe Double Wide Nucleus Colony$34.95 Deluxe Nuc Box SetupDeluxe Nuc Box Setup$70.00 Queen ToolsQueen Tools$6.99 Foulbrood Test KitFoulbrood Test Kit$16.99
Hive Top FeederHive Top Feeder$9.99 Hive Stand LegsHive Stand Legs$12.95 Beekeeping Jacket with VeilBeekeeping Jacket with Veil$65.00 Fondant by the PoundFondant by the Pound$3.99
Thorne's Hat and Veil with RingThorne's Hat and Veil with Ring$50.00 Frame Assembly JigFrame Assembly Jig$42.95 Hive StrapHive Strap$12.00 Complete 8 frame Garden Hive Set-upComplete 8 frame Garden Hive Set-up$355.00