Beezi Spelling Game

Family fun for teens through adults - choose your level of difficulty and challenge your opponents to a home spelling bee!

DISCREPANCY, BROCCOLI, MILLENNIUM, CHIHUAHUA. Spell these words correctly and you’re on your way to reaching the “beehive.”

Misspell and you’ll give the opportunity to all other players.

2000 words in four bee-themed categories:

  • Honey Bee (Easy)
  • Bumble Bee (Medium)
  • Digger Bee (Difficult)
  • Killer Bee (Expert)

Helpful phonetic pronunciation, word origin, part of speech and definition will help you on your way. Ditch the dictionaries and put your spelling skills to the test. You will be both challenged and entertained. Spelling has never been so much fun!

Game pieces include:

  • Game Board
  • 1 die
  • 500 cards
  • 6 tokens
$17.99 USD