Lalvin Rhone 4600

Lalvin Rhône 4600® is used for aromatic and elegant whites and rosés.  For a dry to off-dry mead that expresses fruitiness this is a distinct yeast to try.
Rhône 4600 was selected by the Inter-Rhône’s technical department after a three-year study of yeasts well suited for fermenting fruit forward, elegant white and rosé wines. High sugar and low nitrogen musts when fermented cool (13.5°C/55°F) with the Rhône 4600, have enhanced apricot and tropical fruit due to strong fatty acid ethyl ester production. Higher roundness with diminished bitterness also make the Rhône 4600 a good choice for Rhône white varietals and chardonnay. This yeast brings fatness and balance along with light aromatic ester notes as a good blending component.

This product has been repackaged into vacuum packed glass jars containing 10 grams of yeast - an amount appropriate for 3-10 gallons of mead.  It ferments out to about 15% alcohol.

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