Anne Pichon Trotinette Ventoux Blanc

From the organic vineyards of Domaine Murmurium (Latin meaning:  "the buzzing of bees) in the foothills of the Cotes du Ventoux (southeastern Rhone) we have found another fantastic white wine with adorable bees on the label.

The wine is a 50/50 blend of two white grapes little known in the US - Grenache blanc, which provides richness and texture, and old vine Clairette, which adds fresh acidic structure and complexity.  The aromas are of white peach and limestone and the flavors are lively and layered with hints of citrus and hazelnut.

[Available in store only.  If you think that's silly, feel free to write to the Legislature in Augusta.  We'd love to be able to ship it but we're prohibited by law.]

$15.99 USD