Evil Genius IPA Style Mead

 Label Description: In an obscure industrial lair resides the man known only as the evil Dr. I.P.A. Using his hadron colider, hidden deep underground, he has conducted his most remarkable experiment to-date. The result is a perfect balance of honey and hops. But there are side-effects... His lab rats can't get enough of the stuff. And soon, neither will you. Introducing the Evil Genius. The big bang is no longer a theory, it's your reality.

Product Facts: Made with raw Michigan wildflower honey and hops (Chinook, Cluster, Cascade). Lightly carbonated. 6% ABV

Serving Suggestions: Serve cold in a snifter or tulip glass.

[Available in store only.  If you think that's silly, feel free to write to the Legislature in Augusta.  We'd love to be able to ship it but we're prohibited by law.]

$9.00 USD