Fat Friar Meadery Gift Pack

All boxed up and ready for gift-giving to your favorite mead lover - the entire line from Fat Friar Meadery in Newcastle, Maine.  It includes: the flagship Wildflower Honey Mead - just slightly off-dry and finished with a hint of oak to make a lovely table wine; the Capsumel is a dry mead seasoned with saffron and spiced with red chiles to chase away the winter chill; the Minstrel Richard is a mellomel (honey and fruit wine) made with dark cherries for a beautiful color and velvety texture similar to a dry rosé; the maid Maya is a sweet mead with orange wine, flavored with a touch of clove and cinnamon. 

[Available in store only.  If you think that's silly, feel free to write to the Legislature in Augusta.  We'd love to be able to ship it but we're prohibited by law.]

$60.00 USD