Honey Beers

Boddington's Ale - a delightful light amber with a creamy head. Easy like Sunday morning. ($8.99 for 4 cans)

Brother Adam's Bragget Honey Ale from Atlantic Brewing in Bar Harbor, ME - amazing caramel-like tones from malt and honey which, though sweet, are beautifully balanced and mouth filling. Aromas of mocha and a long, lingering finish. Absolutely delicious. ($6.99 for a 22 oz. bottle)

Brooklyn Brewery "Local 2". A very dark, Belgian style ale with honey and citrus peel. Distinct Belgian yeastiness, malty and rich with cocoa flavors, honeyed texture and a lively, clean finish from citrus peel. High alcohol, so share it with a friend. ($8.50 for 750 mL)

[Available in store only.  If you think that's silly, feel free to write to our legislature in Augusta.  We'd love to be able to ship it but we're prohibited by law.] 

$8.99 USD