Honeycomb Circle Pendant Necklace

Great everyday necklace, this honeycomb pendant can be worn alone or with the matching earrings.  1 ¼” metal clay pendant hangs on either 18” or 20” custom chain and is finished with a sterling silver spring clasp. The Maggie Bokor Jewelry Metal Clay Collection are all one of a kind and/or limited edition to allow freshness in her style and their unique quality. Enclosed in your purchase will be a Maggie Bokor Jewelry business card, Metal Clay description card and care directions. 

Metal Clay, also known as PMC or ArtClay, is an exciting material developed in the 1990s in Japan. Microscopic particles of silver are mixed with a moist binder to create a material that has the feel and working properties of clay. Using techniques and tools Maggie used during her days as a sculptor, she creates unique wearable art. After air-drying, the pieces are fired in a kiln to temperatures approaching the melting point of the metal, where the particles fuse together to make a dense, fully metallic object. Fired metal clay work can be polished, soldered, hammered, and enjoyed like any fine silver jewelry.

$78.00 USD