Classes and Events

Beekeeping Through the Seasons

These classes are appropriate for absolute beginners or beekeepers with a year or two of experience; they can be taken individually for $25 or as a series of all three for $60.

Recommended accompanying reading:  The Backyard Beekeeper, by Kim Flottum, and the Handbook on Honeybee Diseases and Pests from the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists.  Instructor - Phil Gaven, Master Beekeeper. 

  • April 12th - Spring Management
     - This class will cover the essentials of early season management, including:  necessary equipment and tools for starting a hive; installation of packages and nucleus colonies; feeding for comb building; and assessment of queen viability.
  • May 17th - Summer Management and Integrated Pest Management
     - This class covers essentials of summer hive inspections:  watching for queen problems; symptoms of possible diseases and treatment; and proactive management for Varroa mite control
  • August 23rd - Autumn is Approaching - This class addresses the end of season concerns and getting a hive ready for winter:  pulling honey supers; combining hives; soft treatments for Varroa mite; and assessing a hive's readiness with winter food supplies.


Class times are Saturdays 10:30am - 12:30pm.  If weather permits, we will follow class with an inspection of the store hive that usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

All classes take place at The Honey Exchange.  Class size is limited to 12 students per session.  Please call the store - 207-773-9333 to sign up.


From Alcohol to Alchemy - the Lore and Craft of Mead

Saturday October 11th, 10:30-1:30

James Lindenschmidt of Bardic Brews will be teaching this meadmaking workshop.  Class registration is $50, complete meadmaking kits are on sale for $75, and a variety of bulk honey is available starting at $50 per gallon (enough to start your first 3 gallon batch of mead.)

This workshop will include:
  • A talk on the Lore, history, cultural, and nutritional aspects of mead
  • A copy of The Lore And Craft of Mead eBook
  • A demonstration as I brew up a batch of mead
  • An (optional) opportunity to acquire your brewing gear and make your first batch of mead under my supervision, keeping both the gear and the mead you make!

Call the store to sign up, or for more information: 207-773-9333.