Classes and Events

Beginner and Sophomore Beekeeping Classes - all sessions consist of five two-hour classes, for a total of 10 hours of class time.

Beginner classes are for students with no personal beekeeping experience. If you have kept bees for a year or more, consider taking Sophomore Beekeeping.  Class dates for Sophomore Beekeeping are listed after the Beginner dates below.  Call the store to sign up for the session that's right for you. 207-773-9333

All Beginner Beekeeping classes are taught by EAS certified Master Beekeeper, Phil Gaven.  The cost is $125 per person and includes your textbook: The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum.   Couples fee: $225

Beginner Beekeeping 2017 Tuesday Session (2A) 6pm – 8pm

  • Tuesday February 21st
  • Tuesday February 28th
  • Tuesday March 7th
  • Tuesday March 14th
  • Tuesday March 21st
  • (Snow Day make-up March 28th)

Beginner Beekeeping 2017 Thursday Session (2B) 6pm – 8pm

  • Thursday February 23rd
  • Thursday March 2nd
  • Thursday March 9th
  • Thursday March 16th
  • Thursday March 23rd
  • (Snow Day make-up March 30th)

Beginner Beekeeping 2017 Saturday Session (2C) 10:30am – 12:30pm

  • Saturday February 25th
  • Saturday March 4th
  • Saturday March 11th
  • Saturday March 18th
  • Saturday March 25th
  • (Snow Day make-up April 1st)


The Sophomore class is intended for people who have been keeping their own hive for at least one year.  The course focuses on sustainable beekeeping: swarm prevention; making nucs and splits; disease identification and control; and overwintering techniques.  All Sophomore Beekeeping classes cost $125 per person and includes your textbook:    Bee-sentials by Dr. Lawrence Connor.   Couples fee: $225  Please call the store to sign up for class:  207-773-9333


2017 Wednesday Session (2S) 6pm – 8pm

  • Wednesday February 22nd
  • Wednesday March 1st
  • Wednesday March 8th
  • Wednesday March 18th
  • Wednesday March 22nd
  • (Snow Day make-up March 29th)