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  • We loved the Honey Exchange! Our children loved learning about where they live, why these pollinators are so important, and what they can do to support honey bees. The program was tailored for our children ages 3-5 and was perfect for our children! 

    Michelle L. Goulet Founder, Education Director, Eco Educator Nature-Based Education • Reggio Inspired

  • “We really enjoyed Phil’s visit from The Honey Exchange! He was engaging and very patient with our preschoolers when answering all of our questions. The live bee hive was a big hit and the kids really enjoyed sampling the delicious honey!”

    Lisa - Maiden Cove Children’s Center

  • The Honey Exchange has provided excellent extended learning into my classroom. Phil's knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious. My students were enthralled with the complex system and details of a hive's life. His presentation gave them a newfound appreciation for how hard a bee works.

    Tracey Menard - DHS English Teacher

  • The Honey Exchange provided the most meaningful internship my student could have asked for! He started there with minimal experience and knowledge about bee keeping and returned to school ready to change the world for all bees and the humans who share it with them!

    Joyce Nadeau - Cape Elizabeth Schools

  • A SHOUT OUT for the Honey Exchange as they were supporters as the South Portland High School Beekeepers launched in 2016!!  Thank you for all that you do for pollinators and for all your work with young people in the Greater Portland area who are also passionate about beekeeping! 

    JB Kavaliauskas - Advisor SPHS BeeKeepers

  • Phil's visits to second grade are powerful.  After he shares his vast knowledge about honeybees, allows the kids to explore the equipment, helps them find the queen among the bees he shares, and gives everyone a taste of honey, the students, many of whom were terrified of bees before meeting Phil, do a complete 180.  The students move forward with a new appreciation and intellectual curiosity about not only honeybees, but insects in general!

    Laura E Stevens - Waldo T Skillin Elementary

  • Phil made the world of bees come alive for students in a magical way that took away all fear of the stinging insects.  The students' faces after their taste of honey was priceless.  He inspires exploration and questioning which are essential skills for any elementary student.  

    Melanie  Stewart