Classes and Events

Beginner Beekeeping Classes

The Beginner Beekeeping course is for absolute beginners.  We will go over equipment, installing a package or nuc, siting a hive, hive inspections, bee diseases, feeding, and getting ready for winter. We will take you through the beekeeper's year and the requirements as the seasons progress to ensure a healthy colony. 

Class fee is $125, which includes a binder of information plus your textbook:   The Backyard Beekeeper (Flottum).  Class size is limited to 12 students

Course instructor:  Phil Gaven, EAS Master Beekeeper

Call the store to sign up, or for more information: 207-773-9333.

Six sessions to choose from:

Tuesday Session (1A) – 6:00-8:00 pm

  • January 8th
  • January 15th
  • January 22nd
  • January 29th 
  • February 5th (Snow Day make up 2/12)

Thursday Session (1B) – 6:00-8:00 pm

  • January 10th
  • January 17th
  • January 24th
  • January 31st
  • February 7th (Snow Day make-up 2/14)

Saturday Session (1C) – 10:30am-12:30pm

  • January 12th
  • January 19th
  • January 26th
  • February 2nd
  • February 9th (Snow Day make-up 2/16)


Tuesday Session (2A) – 6:00-8:00 pm

  • February 19th
  • February 26th
  • March 5th
  • March 12th
  • March 19th (Snow Day make-up 3/26)

Thursday Session (2B) – 6:00-8:00 pm

  • February 21st
  • February 28th
  • March 7th
  • March 14th
  • March 21st (Snow Day make-up 3/28)

Saturday Session (2C) – 10:30am-12:30pm

  • February 23rd
  • March 2nd
  • March 9th
  • March 16th
  • March 23rd (Snow Day make-up 3/30)


    Sophomore Beekeeping Classes

    This beekeeping course is for students who have kept a hive for at least a year, and are interested in learning more about sustainable beekeeping. The class is fast-paced and covers many topics: swarm management, making splits, requeening, supercedure, queenlessness, diseases and pests, as well as topics introduced by the class.

    Class fee is $125, and includes the text Bee-essentials (Conner).  Class size is limited to 13 students

    Course instructor:  Geoff MacLean, Owner of Redbrook Honey

    Call the store to sign up, or for more information: 207-773-9333.

    Two sessions to choose from:

    Wednesday Session (1S) 6pm – 8pm

    • January 9th
    • January 16th
    • January 23rd
    • January 30th
    • February 6th
    • (Snow Day make-up February 13th)

    Wednesday Session (2S) 6pm – 8pm

    • February 20th
    • February 27th
    • March 6th
    • March 13th
    • March 20th
    • (Snow Day make-up March 27th)


    Intro to Beekeeping for Kids!

    This two-hour class is specifically designed for young people who just might be interested in beekeeping. We will walk them through what backyard beekeeping looks like in Maine and give them an idea of the commitment, responsibility, and absolute thrill of beekeeping. This is not a beekeeping class in the sense that students learn how to keep bees. Instead, it's an overview of beekeeping with lots of information about bees, equipment, hive inspection, and being the bravest kid on the block. Does your kid have bee questions? We have bee answers!  Students may take the class with an adult if they wish.

    Saturday, February 16th (1K) 2pm - 4pm

    Class fee is $25 per person, and is limited to 13 students.

    Course instructor:  Phil Gaven or Thalassa Raasch

    Call the store to sign up, or for more information: 207-773-9333.