Honey Extraction Services



Honey extraction service is available from July 1st to October 31st. 

Call 207-773-9333 to schedule a drop-off time for this year's* supers and let us do the dirty work for you (especially cleanup!**)

*We cannot process honey crystallized in the comb.

We take every precaution possible to prevent the spread of disease (especially
American Foulbrood) from one apiary to another. Learn more about our sanitary practices.


We buy bulk honey Please call 207-773-9333 or stop by the store for this week's price, as it fluctuates with market demand.

Service Fees Options: honey or money.

To pay for extracting services, you can pay with honey or cash (check or card).

Honey (this option available for 16 frames or more):

  • Leave us 1/3 of the honey by weight
  • Minimum of two 8 or 10 frame supers, please.


    • $4.00 per frame (mediums or shallows)
    • $5.00 per frame (deeps)
    • Take your honey home in buckets or we will fill jars for you
    • Minimum charge $64.00

    We do not extract crystallized honey. Please do not bring in last year's frames. If you do bring in crystallized honey, we will charge an extra $1/frame regardless of size. There is no honey-share option for crystallized frames. The extra cost covers the additional time it will take to clean the extractor.

    Other Extracting Needs:

    • Honey gates -- $20
    • 5 gallon food-safe buckets with honey gate and lid ($38)
    • Bottling services using our jars with your honey - retail price of the jar + 50 cents.
    • Cutting comb from unwired thin foundation supers into 4" square boxes - $2 per box.


      Ask about selling us frozen pollen from your apiary.  We carry an excellent pollen collector for 10-frame hives.