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The Buzz about Bees

From researcher and author Jürgen Tautz - the Biology of a superorganism.

"With spectacularly beautiful colour photographs and an easy understandable text The Buzz about Bees tells the story of honebees in a new perspective.  Based on the latest data, notably from his own research group, Jürgen Tautz provides a wonderful insight into the realms of bees.

"In contrast to the view of bee colonies as perfect societies and selfless individuals ruled by a queen, Tautz introduces them as a 'superorganism', a self organizing and complex adaptive system based on a network of communication; a fascinating result of evolution - a mammal in several bodies.

"The entire range of astonishing bee activities is described.  Remarkable action photographs never shown before present bees busy with cell cleaning, caring for the brood, serving in the queen's court, visiting flowers, receiving nectar, producing honey, comb building, entrance guarding, heating, and cooling.  Spotlights include bees grooming, swarming, fighting, telephoning, sleeping, and communicating by high-toned beeping, scents, and dances."  [from the book jacket]

[deluxe hardcover 298 pages]