Beekeeping Tools and Supplies

Complete 8 frame Garden Hive Set-up

This is the hive set-up we use and the one we recommend.  8 frame equipment is lighter, and nobody's back is getting any younger; the bees seem to do well with the more vertical orientation of the hive too.  Beautifully crafted woodenware from Forest Hill Woodworking in Pennsylvania, with foundation wax from Walter T. Kelley (Kentucky) - the nicest wax around.

Includes:  2 deep hive bodies; 2 medium honey supers (not shown); landing board; screened bottom board with entrance reducer; slatted rack; inner cover; copper English garden top; and all the frames and foundation necessary. (Legs shown in the photo are for display only.)

Ships flat, available in-store assembled for $525.

We also carry a complete inventory of 10 frame hive parts and all-mediums hive setup.  Please call or e-mail questions about pricing.

 To download a complete price list in PDF format, click this link.