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Hive and the Honey Bee Revisited

L.L. Langstroth's beekeeping classic, updated and annotated by Roger Hoopingarner, PhD.

"More than 150 years aftger L.L. Langstroth invented the movable-comb hive and brought beekeeping into the modern age, we can still learn from this historic book.  The original book, preserved in its original text and illustrations, is updated and annotated by one of the foremost researchers in apiculture, Dr. Roger Hoopingarner.  This book keeps alive, for future generations, beekeeping techniques from the past and offers many lessons for modern beekeepers."

"Dr. Roger Hoopingarner, Michigan State University Professor Emiritus of Entomology, has specialized in Apiculture for 65 years.  His teaching, Cooperative Extension, and research interests in the biology and management of the honey bee include seminal work in pollination of orchard crops.  He has been the author or co-author of numerous rsearch articles on bee diseases, varroa population dynamics and control, pollination systems, and more."  [from the book jacket]

[424 pages, soft cover]