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Harney and Sons Fine Teas

When we think about uses for our favorite honey most everybody's mind goes first to a nice cup of tea.  Beautiful as a gift or just to spoil yourself, these tins contain 20 silk sachets of tea.  Harney and Sons uses the same tea in their sachets as in their loose tea, unlike most teabags that contain a lesser quality tea.  

The Classics Collection include four blends of black tea:  English Breakfast; Earl Grey Supreme; "Paris"; and Hot Cinnamon Spice

Chocolate Mint is a blend of black tea and peppermint.

Chinese Flower is a blend of green tea with flowers and lemon.

Vanilla Comoro is decaffeinated black tea with vanilla.

And Pomegranate Oolong is just as it sounds - wonderful.

Add a tea bag squeezer, a bendy spoon, and the perfect egg timer to make your tea time complete.