Apiguard (Pack of 10)

 Apiguard is one of two soft treatments we recommend for fall treatment for Varroa Mites.  The active ingredient is Thymol* (Oil of Thyme) and it does an excellent job of knocking down mites, especially in the fall.  Treatment is convenient:  add one tray above the top bars (using a shim or empty super for spacing,) after 14 days pull out the empty tray and add another for a second 14 days.  Apply when daytime temperatures are between 60 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  DO NOT USE WHEN HONEY SUPERS ARE ON.  

Comes in packs of 10, enough for 5 hives.  (Sorry, we can't sell trays individually.)

[*Thymol is the same active ingredient in ApiLifeVar]