Complete Garden Hive (Copper Cover) Kit (8 or 10 frame)

If you want your beehives to be a lovely garden feature, this is the hive for you.  Beautifully crafted woodenware from Forest Hill Woodworking in Pennsylvania, with foundation wax from Walter T. Kelley (Kentucky) - the nicest wax around.

Includes:  2 deep hive bodies; 2 medium honey supers (not shown); landing board; screened bottom board with entrance reducer; slatted rack; inner cover; copper English garden top; and all the frames and foundation necessary. (Legs shown in the photo are for display only.)

The All Medium hive includes five medium boxes and everything else mentioned above.

Ships flat. We sell assembled hives for local pick-up only. Please call the store (207-773-9333) for more information.