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Complete Hive Kit (8 or 10 frame)

The 8-frame is the hive set-up we use and the one we recommend.  8 frame equipment is lighter, and nobody's back is getting any younger; the bees seem to do well with the more vertical orientation of the hive too.  We also stock everything in 10-frame size, which is the industry standard.  Beautifully crafted woodenware comes from Forest Hill Woodworking in Pennsylvania; frames and foundation wax come from Kelley Beekeeping in Kentucky - the nicest wax around.

Includes:  2 deep hive bodies; 2 medium honey supers (not shown); landing board; screened bottom board with entrance reducer; slatted rack; inner cover; telescoping cover with white aluminum top; and all the frames and foundation necessary. The All Mediums option includes five medium boxes (3 for hive bodies and 2 honey supers.  (Legs in the photo are for display only)

Ships flat, available in-store assembled for $430 (8-frame) or $470 (10-frame).

Price does not include nails.

We also sell the increasingly popular all-mediums hive setup.  Please call or e-mail questions about pricing.

 To download a complete price list in PDF format, click this link.